Mr. Harold Carver, an excellent teacher in St. John's School, found certain things wanting in the education system and visualized an institution that will remove those flaws. Mr Carver started a school from residential buildings in Sector 8, Chandigarh. Through sheer dedication, foresight and meticulous planning, he was successful in establishing St. Stephen's School which now caters to over 2400 students.

Mr Carver won the coveted Derozio for Exemplary service to school education and human enrichment on November 28, 2002. He is the first serving Principal of the region to have won the award.

Mr Harold Carver was among five professionals who was presented the First Friday Forum Award for creative excellence.

The "Life Time Achievement" was given to Mr Harold Carver for his dedicated service in the field of education for 42 years on October 20, 2007.

Mr Harold Carver was honoured with National Award in 2008 by the President of India.

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