Computer Laboratory
The Computer Laboratory is equipped with the latest state of the art facilities It is centrally air conditioned with a capacity of 30 Terminal Stations and 2 servers. All the computers are connected in a Local Area Network.

Other hardware available : Scanners, Inkjet printers, Laserjet Printers, projector.

It has a dedicated staff. The hardware and software maintenance is taken care in-house. Software has been developed for the various departments of the institution namely Accounts and Library. The various departments have been connected in a LAN.

Computer education is compulsory for students from class 1 to 8. The students use multimedia CDs for stories, English, Mathematics etc.

Students of 6 study QBasic and some applications under Windows namely MS Office while the students of classes 7 and 8 do programming in QBasic. Students of class 8 do programming in Visual Basic and HTML as C.B.S.E syllabus.

The school has a Broadband Internet connection that facilitates ongoing accessibility to the windows of the world.

Staff :

Mr. Imran Khan
Ms. Archana Mehta
Ms. Navneet Kaur

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Computer Laboratory
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