Our School Anthem
Our Anthem

The message in the lyrics of the School's Anthem portrays the sentiments of the founder principal of St Stephen's School, Mr Harold Carver.

The wordings of the School Anthem states that we are all children of God, no matter what religion, cast or denomination we belong to we are one big loving Stephenian family.

It teaches us to be kind to all, to take care of the disabled and the sick. Most of all it imbibes in us honesty, courage and humanity. So every Stephenian strongly believes in "Semper Sursum".

Anthem- Lyrics

God bless your children gathered here,
St. Stephen's family;
Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh
United we will be.

Love and honesty our aim
To help the poor and maimed
Planting the seeds of faith and Good deeds of
St. Stephen's glory and fame.

Semper Sursum, let the flag unfold;
Stand firm, stand true,
'Neath the green, maroon, blue and gold

God bless our loving founder,
He had the faith to dream;
He taught us to face our every fear,
With courage and esteem.

To love and respect our teachers too,
Be confident and bold;
The morals and values
We're taught at St. Stephen's
Close to our hearts we'll hold

Semper Sursum, let the flag unfold;
Stand firm, stand true
'Neath the green, maroon, blue and gold

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